Trisomy X Information

I found that when I looked for scientifically valid information on Trisomy X, it was really hard to find.  There was a lot of information, but most of it was based on invalid or incomplete studies.  For example, there is a study often referred to as the "Denver Study".  This was based on a small sample selected from girls that had already shown issues.  Below you will find links to the studies and other information I found to be most helpful.


Unique Trisomy X Syndrome Brochure and Data

Great information pamphlet with data about girls with Trisomy X at different ages:


Dr. Tartaglia's Overview of Trisomy X

Medical Review of Trisomy X by one of the few experts on this syndrome.



AXYS Trisomy X Information Brochure

Parent's brochure for newly diagnosed families

Dutch Contract Group Brochure

An excellent resource with easy to read information and pictures for parents and caregivers of girls with Trisomy X.


Elizabeth and her Extra X

A great book to help tell your daughter about Trisomy X


Genetics Home Reference: Triple X Syndrome

Excellent reference given out by genetics department


Special Needs Parenting

Story from a mom and daughter's perspective about Trisomy X.  January / February: Pages 13-17