​​I have Epicanthic folds under my eyes.

My Story

I am a 19-year-old College Student that in most ways is just like everyone else my age.  
I just moved out and am living on campus, I study environmental science, am an expert marksman and love animals.  I currently have a 3.55 GPA in college.  I also have 3 X chromosomes.  

I learned that I had Trisomy X when I was six years old.  It's always been a part of me.  My mom explained it that everyone has a "thing" that they have to deal with.  Some people have to be in a wheelchair, some people live in very poor countries, some people are very sick.  Well, Trisomy X is my "thing" and I like to think that I deal with it with grace every day.  

I am a slow learner, have trouble with speech and reading and overall just have to try harder at everything to be as good as my friends.  I'm very focused on rules and have no desire to fit in with the popular kids.  I have lots of great friends who are all quirky like me.  

A couple of years ago, I took an ethics class.  We learned about how a family wanted to abort a baby that had Down's Syndrome.  My mom told me that some doctors still were advising parents to consider aborting babies with Trisomy X. This is mostly because they were using old information from a study that was not scientifically valid.  Needless to say, I have decided to make it my mission to help people understand that having Trisomy X does not make it so a woman cannot go on and do great things.  I certainly plan to!

Please help me by sharing this information.  So far I have told over 2 million people about Trisomy X.  I hope you'll share my message.  

I also have an exciting update!  I was chosen as a National Young Woman of Distinction by Girl Scouts of America.  This is HUGE as only 10 women each year receive this highest honor.  I was selected because of my Trisomy X Awareness project.  Please read more about this here:  https://www.gsnorcal.org/en/our-council/news/2016/2016_nywod.html